Welcome to the server!

By Cross OWNER - Posted Aug 23, 15

Welcome To Legends and Kings


Hello and welcome to the Official Legends and Kings website, home to survival gameplay as well as, in the future, RPG gameplay.

Survival 1.12 is now live.

Here at Legends and Kings we boast a high standard of play with a wide variety of options to fit your playstyle. Our survival world has four different classes all fitting a different type of play. This is the result of almost a year of hard work from our build teams, development teams and staff personnel. We believe we have created a unique experience for you, the player; we have included a whole variety of play types allowing you to create your own story

At Legends and Kings we also offer a high standard of staff. Our team of staff personnel is handpicked from only the best. They are all trained to a high standard by their superiors and follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure you get the best experience possible

Legends and Kings is vast and boasts the highest level of custom plugins allowing a unique rank up system as well as incredibly exciting perks to go with these ranks. We will, at first, be releasing four classes (Soldier, Tradesman, Clergy and Nobility). These different classes all fit around different play styles as demonstrated in our state of the art, Class Hub building at Spawn (Accessed with /go). Come and join us!


Legends and Kings Minecraft is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB.

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